Ep 54- Treat Her Right(With Baby Oil)

September 27, 2017

What’s going on people, The Js are back with another episode of chillen with the js podcast. This weeks episode goes out to all the special ladies out there. We talk about rubbing behins with baby oil but also how The Js treat their women and pretty much how all men should treat their women to keep a long-term relationship strong. Come check us out on iTunes, YouTube for video and www.chillenwiththejspodcast.com please Like, Subscribe and Share!!!! 


Ep 53- Hurricane No Power

September 19, 2017

THE JS ARE BACK!!!! We were forced to take a hiatus due to that bitch hurricane Irma. This week we talk about the aftermath of Irma, no power, arguments and sweating. Prayers go out to anyone that was effected by the hurricane especially our Caribbean people.  Nothing we talk about this week can compare to what are island brothers went through. Come check us out on iTunes, YouTube and www.chillenwiththejspodcast.com. Please Subscribe, Review and Share. 


Ep: 52- Hit em up with that Confidence

September 5, 2017

What’s going on People!!!!! the Js Are back with any episode of Chillen with the Js podcast. This week we talk about a relatable issue for everybody I don’t care who you are. Confidence is a crucial piece of life and you have to have it in every aspect of whatever you do. come check out what the J's did and do to keep our confidence going strong. Please Like, Subscribe and Share. Episode is available on iTunes, YouTube and www.chillenwiththejspodcast.com


Ep: 51- You Don’t Fight You Don’t Talk Feat Triple Deke

August 29, 2017

What’s going on people??? The Js are back with another episode and man this episode was fire aka Fuego. We bring the man himself onto the podcast and he is the triple deke aka deacon aka Mr. Krav Maga Sean Sterling. This man has received more shootouts than anyone else and we thought it was time we have him on. We talk all kinds of BS ranging from Karate Kid to Destiny 2 back to Mayweather and McGregor. Come check out what the Deke has to say and it’s a lot more than Gordon Bombay. Check us out on iTunes, YouTube and www.chillenwiththejspodcast.com. Please Like, Subscribe, Share and drop us a review thank you!!!!!


EP: 50- Driven feat Nuutrino

August 22, 2017

What's going on people??? the js are back with the big episode 50!!!! we bring back our good buddy NUUTRINOOO for an interview. We talk about it all, wack rappers to all the events going on right now. Come check us out and please give us a review and tell us what you think!! Listen to us on Itunes and our hub www.chillenwiththejspodcast,co


Ep:49- What if the internet was shut off?

August 15, 2017

What’s going on people? your friendly neighborhood brohams are back with another episode! Episode 49 is about the importance and how much we actually rely on the internet now. How would it be if the internet just shut off and never came back? the Js discuss what how the internet is used in our everyday lives with an extra dash of bullshit on it. Come check us out on Itunes and www.chillenwiththejspodcast.com



Ep: 48- What the Js Wish They Knew

August 8, 2017

What’s happening people...The js are back with episode 48!!!! This episode is about regrets, laughs and being young dumb and full of now or later juice. We talk about what we all think about, what we wish we knew than what we know now. Everyone asks their self the same question at some point in life. Come check out what the js have to say on Itunes and www.chillenwiththejspodcast.com


Ep:47- What is not popular to the Js

August 1, 2017

Whats happening people? the Js are back with another episode. This episode is about the whats on the minds and some of the views the js have on popular and not so popular opinions. Come check us out on Itunes and www.chillenwiththejspodcast.com for some free laughs. Please like,subscribe and share. 


Ep:46- Girl You Mad Thick

July 25, 2017

What’s going on people your friendly neighborhood bachata dancers/ rare bird enthusiasts are back SIKE. The Js are back with a banger of a episode. We bring a young, slim thick as she likes to be called, talented and over all just a cool woman to be around to the post. We pick her brain about her passion for film, fitness and over all just bullshit with her. So shout out to her for coming through to the show and she goes by the name Lexy, aka Alexis from Texas. Come give us a listen www.chillenwiththejspodcast.com, iTunes or anywhere else. 


Ep: 45- Leave Our Internet Alone

July 20, 2017

What’s going on people?? The J's are back with a solid topic this week everyone should be concerned with. Net Neutrality is incredibly important the government possibly could put a big ass filter on the way we use the internet as we know it. Come check out what the J's have to say about the issue. Laughs and bullshit included. Episode 45 is available on www.chillenwiththejspodcast.com, and iTunes.  As always please like, subscribe and share.